Core Team

Joseph Mancuso


The founder of Chief Executive Officers Clubs (CEO Clubs), Joseph Mancuso is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. Joseph Mancuso is a popular speaker and mentor. Mancuso is undoubtedly best known as an author. His books and tapes have been heard or read by smaller business people than those of any other management author, according to Simon & Schuster. He has edited or written twenty-nine books, and currently a dozen books are classified as backlist books, which sell about the same quantity every year. In addition, Joe has authored numerous magazine articles and booklets; in such a diverse magazine as Playboy, Penthouse, Success, Harvard Business Review, The Journal of Marketing and The Journal of Small Business. His materials about business plan preparation have outsold all other authors combined. Mancuso’s newest book, “CEOS ARE A LITTLE CRAZY is a page turner book.
Joe holds an Electrical Engineering degree from WPI and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. His Doctorate is from Boston University in Educational Administration. He was the Chairman of the Management Department at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Massachusetts before launching CEO Clubs in 1977.

Karla R. Mancuso


Karla is the wife of Joseph Mancuso and working as CEO of CEO Clubs. Karla’s responsibility is to look after all matters with Joseph Mancuso. She got leadership skills and an undying spirit in the Business world. It’s her strategic planning and insight that always add to the progress of CEO Clubs. She supports the endeavors of business community along her husband. With her unwavering energy and leadership; she is creating opportunities for all the members of CEO Clubs.

Muhammad Ijaz


An entrepreneur and a mastermind behind diversified thoughts, Mr. Muhammad Ijaz started off with his career in 2000. Being self-driven and passionate, in a very short span of time he made his mark among the top-notch business elite. His quest for growth fostered his finesse to commence a business publication in the name of EVOLVE mainly focusing on bilateral trade, investment and business relations by engaging all local and international stakeholders. He is also running a well-known Advertising/Media group in Pakistan. His expedition motivated him to invite CEO Clubs, the oldest and largest club of the world, to Pakistan and formed Pakistan chapter, thus resulting in creating liaison point for local business community to connect with international business community. Mr. Ijaz is the Vice President- CEO Clubs International Inc., President International Development CEO Clubs Inc., Chairperson of CEO Clubs – Pakistan Chapter, a board member of International Board of Directors and also super PAC Member of CEO CLUBS, which proves his recognition at international level.

J. P. Li


Mr. J.P.Li is focusing on developing new business opportunities, including consulting, familiarization with U.S. and CUS CEO Clubs. CEO Clubs in China is under great support with 30-year experience and over 5000 members. He concurrently serves as a “central facilitator” on CEO International Business Services Program, which is a unique program exploring business from a CEO’s perspective. After graduation, he established Sino-American Exports International Inc. USA. He created the entire organization from importing and exporting between China and U.S.A. for more than 15 years. He previously served as an official in Ministry of Finance of People’s Republic of China for 10 years. His insight and understanding of the interface between the two economic systems and cultures is truly on the “cutting edge” of our existing knowledge. Mr. Li received a bachelor’s degree in finance and banking from Centre Finance and Banking Institute in Beijing. Also, Li received a bachelor’s degree in English from Beijing Foreign Languages School.

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