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"CEO Clubs International has truly fulfilled its mission to me by providing the impact of collective wisdom. As changes occur economically, socially and politically, seemingly overwhelming, the group keeps me advised of opportunity and corrective measures needed to survive and grow. My perspective on my corporate performance has changed; the bar has been raised due to the impact of the individual and group discourse. I can quantify the results; my gross sales and my net have improved significantly since joining the organization. Thank you."

    Rebecca Herwick
    President & CEO
    Global Products, Inc.

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"I have been a lifetime CEO Club member for thirty years and I can say it has been among my most rewarding and valuable investments. I most recently traveled to China and Korea, and it was a terrific experience. I am a person who love 'making money and having fun', as you can see from my pictures.

"Joe, without my involvement in the CEO group early on I would have had to struggle with many issues and would not have had the time to give to the charitable works listed in the bio. Thank you for your support and education."

    William F. O'Keeffe
    President & CEO
    O'Keeffe's Inc. / SAFTI First

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"I'm coming up on my 20th year as a member of CEO Clubs International! Joining the club was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and getting access to the seemingly infinite number of CEO's and business owners with a fantastic mix of street smarts, experience, character flaws to make things really interesting!"

    Marcos Rodriguez
    Chairman of the Board
    Rodriguez Capital Holdings, Inc.

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"I joined CEO Clubs International in 2003 as a CEO of a Nasdaq public company with expectations of getting business advice from some very talented CEOs.  What I didn't expect were the friendships that developed  with men and women executives that openly and genuinely want to help their peers succeed in business as well as in life.  I have made new friendships from around the world that I will cherish forever. Being part of CEO Clubs International means “it is no longer lonely at the top."

    Bob Brilon
    President & CEO
    Golden Pegasus Capital

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"I've now been part of CEO Clubs International for approximately 12 years.  When I joined, I couldn't believe that there was an organization that catered to entrepreneurs like CEO Clubs International.  I was just like a sponge and went to every meeting.  In the past 12 years, any time I needed extra help, you were always there for me.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate your personal help and the information I've learned from CEO Clubs International."

    Alex Goen
    CEO Goen Technologies
    Best Known for TRIMSPA Brand

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"I have been a lifetime member for over 15 years. I can say unequivocally, that without my involvement in CEO Clubs International and the Super PAC I would not be where I am today. Early on, while very green at knowing how to effectively grow my business, I received invaluable input and support which allowed me to grow my previous business at warp speed.  If it wasn't for CEO Clubs International and the lasting friendships that I have made over the years with some of the smartest most innovative people I have ever met, my current business that is anchored by two fellow CEO Club members and rainmakers, would not be the runaway success that it has become in only 4 short years. The education, the unbiased support, the colorful personalities, the lifelong friendships, and the life-lessons that I have learned, have easily made this the best investment that I have ever made. Bar none."

    Graham G. Sampson
    Chairman & CEO
    Secure Symbology, Inc.

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"My experience with CEO Clubs International and Joe Mancuso has been both supportive and at times, shocking! In the business sessions with other CEOs, a business owner can learn things no one else will tell you - '...YOU ARE BEING ROBBED!' I find the open and frank exchanges between owners to be of immense benefit. It is lonely being the boss and someone needs to give you the advise and criticism you will not get anywhere else."

    Cathleen B. Colella
    President & CEO
    Hazardous Elimination Corp. 

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"Joe Mancuso has put together a group of experienced CEOs who after participating with each other in problem solving , attend a luncheon where when listening to the luncheon speakers, are like students with wide open eyes. You never leave a meeting without learning something of value. The benefits of membership far outweigh the cost or time commitment required. And, you will also make some friends along the way."

    Gerry Golub
    Managing Partner, Retired
    Goldstein Golub Kessler LLP

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"CEO Clubs International has been part of my life since 2007. It has been a pleasure to be surrounded by entrepreneurs with very bright views on business and beyond. It’s incredibly valuable to meet people from different spheres of the business arena, sharing their experiences, struggles, and successes close to home and in the international markets. Though my time with you has been short, it has already been of incredible value. Thank you for being there."

    Frank Bakker
    President & CEO, GCT LLC (USA)
    Managing Director, CGCE P LTD (India)

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"I am proud to be a part of CEO Clubs International for over a decade, spanning the founding of two businesses. My relationship with CEO Clubs International started in the mid 90s as I headed a highly successful IT Staffing business. The meetings were crucial in networking and business development. Currently as I venture into the world of creating a brand of specialty frozen food products, Joe and the team at CEO Clubs International is instrumental in spreading the word about our company and the exciting products. The exposure has been phenomenal and I am certain that the benefits of this relationship will not only strengthen our brand, it will result in the implementation of marketing and business development steps. CEO Clubs International is like having a Board of Advisors and a Highly Successful Focus Group at your fingertips!"









    "CEO Clubs International is a source of inspiration to me - the members have a wealth of knowledge and are very open and confident to share their experiences.  Some how Joe Mancuso has managed to bottle up all this experience and allows it to all flow out during every meeting.  Congratulations to Joe for his high standards and easy going laid back style - it's amazing to see what programs he can put together.  Membership in this organization is both a perk and a necessity for today's business owner.  I often bring clients to meet with the dynamic NYC group, everyone leaves having learned something new, and is always amazed at the talent in the room."

    Gary Anzalone
    Precision Signs

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"CEO Clubs International has been essential to grow my business in the US and Asia for many years – but the real benefits are the friendship that I have forged with incredible business and thought leaders.  A membership is a must for business people, because the interaction with peers from other industries provides exposure to issues and trends that could be relevant to one’s core business as well.  Being part of the Clubs is like participating in an ongoing global MBA – program."









"Joe, on behalf of myself, my wife and daughter, I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who made the trip possible and so rewarding, in particular Susan, Leon, Tariq and J. P. and their various assistants ... and, of course, lest I forget, the mastermind behind it all, yourself. Not only were we exposed to some extraordinary experiences, heights of luxury and comfort but also to many adventures and educational opportunities that would have been impossible otherwise as a learning experience, it was quite an eye opener regarding the power of the global economy and the many opportunities this presents the level of the business contacts established as a result, can only be described as superlative. I am very glad CEO Clubs International is developing such an international reach, I believe this affords us a much greater opportunity for growth, personally and business wise."

    Michael Daniec
    National Data Conversion Institute

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"Art Janes and I meet a dozen years ago as we were both members of CEO Clubs International Super Pac, each heading a separate business. About five years ago, I joined Art (engineer) as his right hand man and we have used our complimentary skills to expand PDS in Dallas to become the leader in temporary technical employees. I told Joe years ago he should just take a piece of every deal that happens within CEO Clubs International and make membership free."

    Steven Cash Nickerson
    PDS Technical Services, Inc.

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"This building in located in the center of China number one city. It is in Tiananmen square in Beijing and the brand new 17 story building is called CEO CLUBS. Our offices are on the penthouse floor and include three restaurants (Chinese, American, Korean), a wine bar and a cigar bar. Please come visit us when you are in Beijing...."

    CEO Clubs
    Headquarters In
    Beijing, China

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"I think that CEO Clubs International is a great organization; and I love them so much that I donated to them their very own island."

    Estaban  Tajanlangit
    ECT Islands, Inc., Palawan, Philippines

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"I have been a lifetime member of both CEO Clubs International and its Super PAC for about 18 years. It has been among my best ever long term investments. I recommend it to anyone wanting to grow their business in a painless way. I have learned many business lessons and made many lifelong friends from the membership."

    Arthur Janes
    Founder & CEO
    PDS Technical Services, Inc.

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"I have been a member of CEO Clubs International for one year and have been impressed with the wealth of information and support the Club provides. Each meeting provides me with a new learning opportunity through the guest speakers and group interactions. In addition, I have met and developed relationships with other CEOs in the area and have learned a great deal from their experiences and the challenges they have faced.  I look forward to continuing my education with CEO Clubs International for many years."

    Rich Rubinstein
    America's Remote Help Desk








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"A valuable opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and share intelligence with the elite business leaders in the world."

    Florence Wood
    JRC Services LLC

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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Joe Mancuso since I was a senior in college almost 25 years ago.  Joe has been a great mentor and friend to me, and our long standing involvement in CEO Clubs has been extremely rewarding.  Through CEO Clubs, I have learned immeasurably, made lifelong friends, and participated as a speaker at two international conferences.  I would recommend membership in CEO Clubs International for any entrepreneur seeking to maximize her or his potential."

    S. Tien Wong
    Opus8, Inc.

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"Joe is remarkable and so is his CEO Club.  His job of "herding cats," i.e. getting CEOs/entrepeneurs focused and headed in the same direction, is a major feat.  I've been in CEO Clubs International for about 12 years and have a lifetime membership."

"I took my company public.  It was the first time in 65 years a company in our business sector had accomplished that.  Then when the market conditions changed, I took the company private again and sold it for a nice shareholder value. CEO Clubs International's members were an immense help in this process.  Plus I then had them as friends I could talk to about any problem in my life and many members have become close life-long friends."

    David W. Pruitt
    Former Chairman, CEO and President
    CapRock Energy, Inc.









"Being an entrepreneur can sure be lonely.  Most people think you're crazy. But since I've joined CEO Clubs International, I've met hundreds of like-minded individuals, all around the world.  Instead of telling me I'm crazy, I get nonstop encouragement.  CEO Clubs members have the attitude that anything's possible.  Best of all, everyone openly shares their successes and failures. We all make mistakes, but when you can learn from others, your chances of success are greatly increased.  My heartfelt thanks to Joe Mancuso, and fellow members of the Washington DC PAC.  Your friendship has been absolutely priceless..."

    Art Murray
    Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc.


Over the past three decades, CEO Clubs International have attracted many national figures such as: Ted Turner, Herb Kelleher, Peter Grace, T. Boone Pickens, Wally Amos, Zig Ziglar, Fred Smith, Richard DeVos, Royal Little, Edson De Castro, Steve Forbes, Victor Kiam, David Neeleman, Pat McGovern, Michael Bloomberg, and Donald Trump, Peter Peterson, just to name a few who have addressed the Clubs.









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