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The three basic benefits are

  1. Meetings And Roundtables For Entire Chapter
  2. Presidential Advisory Councils Or Inner Circles
  3. International Trips




The CEO CLUBS  International, Inc. (CEO Clubs International) is organization which creates a nurturing environment for CEOs dedicated to improving the quality and profitability of their enterprises through shared experience and personal growth. They were founded by Dr. Joseph Mancuso in 1977 as he left the chairmanship of the management Department of WPI in Worcester, Ma. Joe believed there should be a better way to learn than sitting in classrooms reading books and taking notes and exams..

We say we help one another grow our businesses by "Making money and having fun, while we are learning."

"It's ok to be independent, but there is no reason to be alone."

Comprised of chapters in the U.S., India, Korea, Romania, Greece, and China, CEO Clubs International is a 40-year-old by-invitation-only membership association. Members must be CEOs of businesses which have above $2,000,000 in annual sales. Our average club member has $20,000,000 in annual sales or about 100 employees.

The clubs chapters each meet eight times a year for a half-day luncheon program. A member of one chapter is a member of all chapters and their bio and photo are password protected on the website. The morning is spent in roundtables and a speaker usually concludes the program. Other meetings are also scheduled with no speaker, or with site visits or with members from other countries.

Over the past three decades, CEO Clubs International have attracted many national figures such as: Ted Turner, Herb Kelleher, Peter Grace, T. Boone Pickens, Wally Amos, Zig Ziglar, Fred Smith, Richard DeVos, Royal Little, Edson De Castro, Steve Forbes, Victor Kiam, David Neeleman, Pat McGovern, Michael Bloomberg, and Donald Trump, Peter Peterson, just to name a few who have addressed the Clubs. All of these past luncheon talks are free to download in our TALKS section. Be sure to listen to the talks by Frank "The Conman" Abagnale and Bill "The Unknown Billionaire" Bartmann. They are tied with the better known, Ted Turner, as most popular.

We also count among our lifetime members the founders of America Online, Jim Kimsey and Steve Case.

Each chapter also holds social sessions where we visit the NY Stock and NASDAQ exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank, Universal Studios and the Getty Museum, or enjoy dinner parties or boat cruises. We frequently arrange business trips between our members in different countries, especially China. Membership is by invitation and prospective members are encouraged to attend a CEO Club meeting as a guest.

Please read about our Presidential Advisory Councils (PAC) where about a dozen members act as a mutual Board of Advisors for one another.

Here is a list of other prominent CEO’s who addressed the CEO CLUBS over forty years.

You can hear their talks at

Jim Kimsey / Steve Case, AOL founders
Ted Turner, CNN
Richard Devos, Amway
Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines
David Neeleman, Jet Blue Airlines
T. Boone Pickens, Mesa Petroleum
Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup Of The Soul
Pat McGovern, IDG
Pete Peterson, Blackstone
Michael Bloomberg
Ken Fisher, Fisher Investments
Steve Forbes
Donald Trump
Wally ”Famous” Amos

When you click Audios, you will be surprised that these famous fifteen CEOs were not the most popular of the three hundred speakers and you will see the top ten luncheon talks which members judged gave the most take home value.

Click Here for more benefits about the general meetings info.



Presidential Advisory Councils or Inner Circles


PAC AND SUPER PAC (Presidential Advisory Councils)

A PAC (Presidential Advisory Council) is a group of about a dozen CEO members who serve as a board of advisors for one another - A "mastermind" group.

About 400 CEO Club members participate in a PAC. PAC members must be members of the CEO Club.  PAC members must sign mutual confidentiality agreements, agree to share detailed financial information, and agree not to miss more than two consecutive meetings. They also must be in control of their company and need to have a minimum of 25 employees with at least $2 million in annual sales.

Sounding out issues or decisions with a knowledgeable, yet not directly involved, peer group can significantly improve the odds of success.

The group focuses on the host company's biggest problem or opportunities. The council then offers solutions and advice. A mastermind occurs at the end of each session as each member shares their ideas to aid the host. This is audio-taped for the host to utilize as a reference. Confidentiality agreements are signed due to the sharing of financial information. Meetings include recaps and current developments by the council members present.

A PAC meets eight times annually, at each member's business. Each meeting usually goes from 10am to 5pm.

The Super PAC is for larger companies and operates on an international basis. Minimum company size is $10 million in annual sales. Super PACs meet for three-day weekends three times a year. Annual fees are $10,000 for two people. All Super PAC members receive all the benefits of a full CEO Club member.


Click Here to view the Super PAC Photo Album

We suggest you watch the 8 minute video created by the Indian chapter on this subject as below;

Hari Vallurupalli the head of the India chapters produced a nine minute video which clearly and precisely shows the enthusiasm of the members, especially for the Inner Circle, or Presidential Advisory Councils, PAC (like wolf pack).

Youtube Link

To learn more about the Indian chapter go to

You could also watch a one hour PAC meeting concerning Dallas member, Mark Hulme, as he

The Documentary “Making Jobs: A Case Study”…

This 70 minute film is enthralling as an entrepreneurial case study. It’s a candid look at the behind-the-scenes process of independent film and what it takes these days to get your project onto the silver screen. The movie details the efforts of Marc Hulme, a first-time producer as he begins his adventure into the treacherous world of the “business” of American cinema with his brainchild, the feature film “JOBS”. At the time of the making of this documentary, the movie was entitled “jOBS: Be Inspired”.

The producer had never made a movie before (he purchased a book about filmmaking), but is a lifelong successful entrepreneur. This documentary “making of” film was created in a roundtable format with 18 other CEOs, three months before the Kutcher film opened at Sundance.

The documentary is a testament to what happens when entrepreneurship meets gumption.

To read a English/Chinese version of this Superpac meeting:

eBook: 185 pages
Publisher: CEO Clubs International, Inc.
Language: English and Chinese
ISBN-13: 978-1484169148

To download a free eBook, Click Here

The eventual movie with Ashton Kutcher, broke even in the USA but made close to $100,000,000 in China.



International Trips


This is where members of one chapter come to visit members in other chapters.

Because Joe Mancuso spent his first 25 years building the CEO CLUBS in the USA, there are more USA members than in any other country. But the combination of membership in other countries will soon surpass the USA. To lean about the USA chapters go to


Joseph Mancuso, the founder of all CEO CLUBS worldwide,, began the first CEO Clubs chapter in 1977 with the mission of “making money and having fun, all while you are learning”. Joe's 27 books have sold several million copies while he was a Department chairman at WPI and then he devoted the next 40 years to helping CEOs to help one another.

For a list of the past trips sponsored by Joe, click here:

*Over 850 CEOs have taken these trips.

Joe’s most popular books have been on writing business plans and he offers this capsule free to anyone working on the  difficult process of  writing a winning business plan. These books are still all available on websites like

A link to the article:  “Ten Tips For Writing A Business Plan” is below.

Joe's two books on this subject sold about 1,500,000 copies and all CEO’s eventually have to write a business plan

You will also find a free download of the China Picture book, which tells the story of the expansion of Mancuso’s activities outside the USA.

Click Here to download the China Picture Book.

The future:

CEO CLUBS will be opening Middle East chapters in Egypt and U.A.E. in 2016.






Sep 2016

 The CEO Clubs In Egypt







Info: Dear CEO Clubs Members, Guests and Families, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the CEO Clubs Global Network and encourage you all to honor us with your presence here in Cairo for the launch of the Egypt Chapter of the CEO Clubs.

Let me take this opportunity to thank the founder and creator of the CEO Clubs Global Network, Mr. Joe Mancuso for bringing so many people, families and businesses together from across the global to have fun, make money and learn. His leadership and ingenuity has been an inspiration to over 30,000 members from over 14 countries and over 50 cities worldwide.

Join us this September on what could turn out to be the journey of a lifetime, as you find yourself immersed by the beauty and mystery of this land of ancient builders, kings and scholars. Visit the ancient sites and landmarks, dine at the foot of the great pyramids of Giza, gaze into the eyes of the magnificent Sphinx, sail the Nile as the great Pharos once did, and savior the sounds, smells and tastes of traditions seven millennia old.

As Egypt continues to push forward with a strong economic reform agenda aimed at creating a cohesive business and regulatory environment attractive for both local and global investments, there is no better time than today for you to explore the endless business opportunities now available as a result of such reform policies. I am especially enthusiastic about the potential of the Suez Canal Regional Development project which will afford hundreds of billions of US Dollars in investments and contracting opportunities.

For six days and 5 nights you will have fun, do business and learn all about the true essence of the land of the ancient Gods and Kings.

Ashraf M. Naguib

CEO – CEO Clubs Egypt
Chief Executive Officer - Global Trade Matters









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Over the past three decades, CEO Clubs International have attracted many national figures such as: Ted Turner, Herb Kelleher, Peter Grace, T. Boone Pickens, Wally Amos, Zig Ziglar, Fred Smith, Richard DeVos, Royal Little, Edson De Castro, Steve Forbes, Victor Kiam, David Neeleman, Pat McGovern, Michael Bloomberg, and Donald Trump, Peter Peterson, just to name a few who have addressed the Clubs.









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